Konsumentverket (Sweden’s National Consumer Agency) communicates via Facebook

Stockholm – 2012-06-28.

Ungkonsument.se, which is a website from Konsumentverket (National Consumer Agency) and Konkurrensverket (Competition Authority), has for the first time invested in Facebook in their communication strategy. Facebook specialist SkandNet Media was commissioned to develop a Facebook application designed to educate and inform young people about their rights when they are purchasing in a fun, interactive and entertaining way.

Given that some 2.2 million young people in Sweden between the ages of 13 and 25 are active Facebook users (source: Facebooks advertising tool), Facebook is a given channel to reach young people.

The name of Ung Konsuments Facebook application is,”Hur blåst är du? (Which is a play on words meaning both, “How blown away are you?” and “How easily could you be ripped off?”) The application is basically a quiz with a great emphasis on the visual – a lot of pictures and some text. The app begins with a situation where you have purchased a pair of jeans that break or are torn immediately after purchase. Then you can choose how you would feel, what you would do and a color to symbolize the feeling. Based on the choices a person makes, a result is generated with an image and text that can then be distributed to Facebook friends if desired. Additionally, the application includes a brief text that highlights a person’s rights if they were to make such a purchase.

The aim is for young people to spread the message with the help of information that is shown in the newsfeed. The information will be personal because people know the friend who sent it and the text and picture shows the friend’s performance in the test.

The application is available via Ung Konsuments Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/ungkonsument or can be accessed directly at the following link http://www.facebook.com/ungkonsument/app_237370923041861

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About Ung Konsument

Ung Konsument is a website that informs and educates about money, shopping, and shopping smart. Also young people tell about their own experiences of being a consumer in different situations.

The site mixes educational and factual articles with interesting articles on everything from consumer rights and responsibilities, personal finances, advertising influences right through to ethical and environmentally conscious consumption.

Ung Konsument encourages people to make active choices, to think before buying and to act when something goes wrong. Behind this website stands Konsumentverket (National Consumer Agency) and Konkurrensverket (Competition Authority).


About SkandNet Media

SkandNet is one of Sweden’s leading Facebook specialists. SkandNet has produced more than 100 individual Facebook applications for brands and companies in both Sweden and in other countries. In addition, SkandNet offers Facebook consulting, Facebook integration and development of complex applications for Facebook pages.

SkandNet has worked on projects for Guldfynd, Sensus Studieförbund, Procter & Gamble, Apollo Sweden, Airtours, Blocket.se, Stimorol, Biltema, Eniro Sweden, Karolinska Institute and many more. SkandNets office is located in central Stockholm. Visit SkandNets Facebook page at: www.facebook.com / skandnet

The information above is a translation. Click here to view the original press release (in Swedish).