SkandNet Group works closely with the companies we invest in to create long term value. A broad summary of our approach can be found under the headings below.

Our Approach to Investing

SkandNet Group strives to build and improve value in businesses by implementing strategic steps for increasing business performance. When evaluating investment opportunities, we are looking for companies that show previous and/or future potential to hold a strong market position.

Managerial Guidance & Collaboration

We provide ongoing collaboration & guidance for establishing clear goals along with practical advice on methods to achieve these.

A Strategic Focus on the Future

We work alongside companies to create a clear, realistic and flexible strategy to support long term financial and operational growth and development of the business. This often includes goal setting, benchmarking and ongoing assessment and adjustment.

Marketing Excellence

Reducing and assessing marketing costs while increasing marketing performance is a key area of our expertise for established companies. For start-ups we commit to advising and implementing the best marketing strategy from the very beginning.

Experienced Development Partner

Do you have a great idea? We can help you bring it into reality! Skandnet Group serves as a development partner in three key areas. Automating workload through web based systems to improve time efficiency and reduce long term costs. Full development of web based projects from concept to launch . Ongoing technical consulting and support.